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Dear friends,
let me thank you all for taking your time to visit our webpage - no matter whether you were just curious or you were seriously looking for a new, reliable business partner. It has been two decades since we started conducting business in the areas of metallurgy, ferrous metallurgy, bearing industry and production as well as engineering. During this period we managed to build professional business relationships with our customer bases in Slovakia, the Czech republic, other European Union countries, Ukraine  and last but not least, with our clients from Asia and even South Africa. We truly hope for these pages to become your inspiration leading to our future cooperation, or perhaps just improving our already existing one. Let us communicate, meet each other, let us seek what has a potential to bind us together and move us forward.

The company’s team

Our mission is to create a long lasting and sustainable comfort for our partners by the means of an individual approach and reliability.
Mgr. Peter Šipošthe CEO of IMET-AKE, Ltd.

We are part of the IMET Group

The success of the IMET Group is more than just the sum of the companies within the Group, their respective divisions, subsidiaries and agents. What we consider being our chance and a priority is the prospect of our mutually beneficial cooperation.

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